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Sustainability Statement


Empress Senior Living understands that being a responsible steward of the environment is not only the right thing to do, but is also good business. With this in mind, we are focused to identify and integrate solutions that help to address the challenges of climate change while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for our residents and employees.

Benefits of improving our environmental standards:

  • Cost Savings - Through the use of new technology and new materials, we are finding opportunities to improve the efficiencies of our property -- efficiencies that are reducing costs for both our residents and our business.
  • Sustainability - By including a measure of sustainability in our environmental standards, we believe we can provide healthier environments for our residents and employees, while also making a difference for the greater good by supporting products and practices that conserve natural resources.
  • Financial Stewardship - We believe properties that are working to be green will be preferred by today's increasingly conscientious consumers. Conversely, we believe properties that are slow to adopt green practices will underperform in the market.

Examples of green retrofits:

  • Water Savings - Empress uses low flow toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators. This program is estimated to save 35% in water consumption over traditional fixtures.
  • Electricity Savings - We've eliminated usage of incandescent bulbs and replaced them the LED bulbs. Empress features vinyl, double-paned, low-e windows, which reduce interior noise and save energy.
  • Recycling on Property - We participate in source separated recycling, which separates materials by type at the point of discard so they can be recycled. We anticipate diverting as much as 20-25% of all resident-generated waste from landfills to be reused in more efficient, more sustainable ways.
  • EnergyStar Appliances - By implementing the adoption of EnergyStar Appliances we are anticipating a 10-50% decrease in energy and water consumption compared to standard appliances.

In addition, we continue to identify opportunities to adopt the use of non-toxic paints, non-toxic cleaning products, and environmentally-friendly landscaping supplies. We believe that responsible environmental stewardship is an ongoing process of improvement. For the benefit of our residents and our employees we are committed to maintaining a business culture of innovation and long-term market leadership. We look forward to continually improving our own environmental standards and finding new ways to achieve measurable results.

We will continually challenge ourselves, as well as our highly valued network of vendors, suppliers, and partners, to help create the sustainable standards of tomorrow.