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Delicious Dining

Dining at Empress

Empress Senior Living offers delicious dining in an elegant full-service setting. We believe that eating is more than just about consumption-it is one of the oldest social customs in human history. Dining is about delicious tastes and textures, healthy sustenance, and the warmth of companionship.

As a resident, you may enjoy:

  • Formal Dining Room with Piano
  • Three Delicious Meals Daily
  • Menu-Style Ordering
  • All Day Coffee Service in the Bistro
  • Room Service Available
  • Private Dining Room for Family Gatherings
  • Catering to Special Diets
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Danke Schone! Having been so many places in the world, and having eaten much fine food, I want you to know that, principally because of your excellent preparation and presentation, you are certainly among the best of chefs!